Friday, February 22, 2008

Interesting Question

From my chemistry module: "Why do the properties of elements follow these trends?". It's interesting, because we're going through all the trends that the periodic table follows, and it's kinda funny how this question is never really answered. All that's given is that "this law exists, because of this other law". There's no actual definite answer given.

Reminds me of the Causal Principle that I've been reading about. Darwinists try to eliminate the need for God as a cause, but all they end up doing is providing another cause for a cause.

It's incredible how unregenerate man strives against the things of God to the point of denying logic, and creating theories that just cause more problems. The truth is right in front of them!!!

"Whoever trusts in his own mind is a fool,but he who walks in wisdom will be delivered." Proverbs 28:26

Friday, February 15, 2008

Personal Anecdote

For our first module of English we had to write a "personal anecdote" which is basicly a short story about something that's happened to you or in your life. Yeah, it's a bit of a dramatization and a little longer than the 3 sentences most of the students did, but hey :) I like to write-what can I say?


I awake at 7:00 in the morning to the sounds of my siblings, parents, and uncle starting their day with a multitude of noises. For one brief second I am content with no worries and no cares. Then the thought comes to me... "My drive test is today!", and suddenly I'm too anxious for words.

After failing my first run, the pressure is on. My parents would like to go away for the weekend, my uncle needs a ride to work, and my sisters need to be dropped of at camp. All of these plans rely on how I do in those ten minutes of hell. Oh the effect nervousness has on the mind!

Throughout the morning I pray-not just for a good outcome, but for a good attitude for when I fail. I pray for confidence and courage to endure. I'm under so much stress I need to pop advil to keep the headache away.

The time comes, and we drive to the test center. At the front desk I'm told to go wait in the car for that one person who holds my fate in the scratchings of her pen. My heart beats faster and faster as I see student after student come back from their tests... crestfallen.

She spots the family car, and approaches. A peace comes over me, and the beating heart slows. We start out, and I follow her directions to a tee. The dreaded parallel parking comes, and I mess up not two or three times, but four. After those few minutes, I notice everything I'm doing wrong. We finally park once again, and I'm angry and mad at myself for failing.

Then those unexpected words "but you did pass" seep from her lips, and I'm stunned. I ask her to repeat, but the status remains the same-I am a licensed driver! In that instant all the stress and anxiety melt away, and a "thank you God" is all I can whisper.