Saturday, April 19, 2008

Christian Contemporary Music Survey

Hey, so I think I'm going to write some articles on this. I don't know how many people actually look at my blog, but yeah...

What I need to know is what the main points of Christian rock critics have? So far I know a couple, but I think I've missed some.

-Be separate from the world(shouldn't identify with the world)
-The beat(the beat is unholy, and derived from(african headhunter communication(or something like that))
-The genre: some genres are not redeemable.
-There are better things to listen to.
-Most Christian contemporary artists do not mention the name of "Jesus" in their songs.

Am I missing some or should I refine some?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


So, this is a pretty typical discussion, but just want to get some thoughts.

While we've all been taught(Biblically) to be bold in our faith-where's the line? I mean, where do we go from being bold in the faith to being overly-zealous? I mean, we know the dangers of teaching a "lovey dubby" God is that He "just accepts you as your are", and that "He doesn't care about what you've done", but how do we communicate the true and Mercifully Just God of the Bible?

So this is based a little bit on some statements by my co-worker. She was telling me how she's been working at DQ and as a Christian showing the love of Christ. Her words: "I'm not in your face with them, and like trying to be over the top." She's just "Let the other employees know that I love them and God loves them..."

On one hand I understand the unBiblical view as that's what I know through catechism(Christ loves BELIEVERS, and we are called to be bold)-yet on the other hand this girl is being a witness. I, personally, am not afraid what people think of me, but if they think I'm some over the top "hyper-religious", "hard-core", "Bible thumper", and "goody goody"-what is that reflecting about Christ and His church?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

School Project

So yeah, kinda dorky, but I actually based it off of something I saw on tv where they actually made guitars out of plastic and they sounded REALLY good.