Thursday, May 22, 2008

Funny Thing

Ok, so maybe you heard me talking about this, or maybe not.

So yesterday(Wednesday) I was working with the one girl Miranda at DQ(she was homeschooled in virtual learning like me so we get along). Anyway, since she was there Bob(my main boss and the owner) thought he would go out for groceries/chores. So he asked her if she felt comfortable taking the ice cream machine apart, cleaning it, and putting it back together. She said sure no problem.

Anyway, she takes it all apart and cleans it, and sets it up. Later on we realize milk leaking out of the fridge where the ice cream is. So I clean up the mess and she kinda freaks about it. So she wants to fix the tube so it doesn't leak-which means removing it and then retightening it.

She asks me for help holding the pail for the excess so we were both standing with our faces towards it. She says "Hm... I think there's air bubbles-I hope it doesn't explo-!" And BANG! Ice cream in milk form exploded in our faces. Like I mean our faces were right beside it and there was milk everywhere.

The expression on her face was priceless, her hair was blown back, her eyes were wide, her jaw dropped open, and she had milk all over her face and in her eyes. I wasn't much better, but I had an apron on, and I couldn't see out of my glasses. It was hilarious, but I guess you had to be there. It must have been funny for Heather who heard the bang and opens the fridge to check on us and sees us both standing there with milk in our hair and all over the place.

Poor Miranda didn't know whether to laugh or cry, but I was laughing like crazy and couldn't stop all night. For the next couple hours Miranda kept touching her hair which was shiny with milk. Melissa the other manager walked in for her shift and said "Miranda, your hair looks greasy." and Miranda was like "SHUT UP!"... yeah... good times... sorry if that's boring or doesn't make sense. Had to share it, and I just finished a dozen hours of chem...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

On Another Note

Ok, so yeah I have to do public school curriculum for English, and of course SHAKESPEARE is mandatory reading. Man alive, it is soooo boring. I've heard that some Christian curriculum includes reading Shakespeare, or even that some people read it for fun?

Like why are these pieces of garbage so revered? Shakespeare has no literary talent in the least-there's no imagery in the sense that you can't place yourself in the scene very well. The writing is atrocious-I mean I know it's in old English, but even then it's still bad.

The story is boring and crude, the "poetry" is horrible, and I can't imagine any good reason to read it. I just don't understand it. Yet another reflection on our society and culture, when stories of hate, deception, and pornography are the "classics", considered "beautiful" :S, and the "creme da la crop".

Thank you Lord for C. S. Lewis and Tolkien! Thank you for the awesome stories you placed in their hearts to symbolize but a shadow of your Magnificence!

Experience at the Sikh Temple

So last night most of our Apologetics class went to visit the "Sikh Community Centre" in Toronto. After Pastor Zekveld explained a little about what they were about, and some of the things to not do while we were in there(refrain from laughing so as to not disrespect them), we stepped into the building. Without wanting to be melodramatic, it was somewhat scary.

The first thing I noted personally was the look on the faces of the people going into the "sanctuary" to kneel. Not a single smile on anyone's face, and when they cross their hearts and bow it's nothing more than a sign of fearful respect rather than coming before a mercifully just God. It might sound strange, but you could actually see in their eyes a lack of hope and assurance.

The high priests at the front greeted us with plastic smiles, and then we took our shoes off and put a bandana on. I never did ask what the bandana symbolized, but on it went :) The orange was Ben's color for sure. The bandanas suiting some better than others, I did my best to not lol, and followed our english speaking guide.

He described the building to us, and the significance of some of the logos and paintings. In the main "sanctuary" a man sat underneath a blinking LED palace shape reading "the guru". When I saw those blinking lights I had the image of blinking neon sign saying "Get your idols here". While all of this was interesting from an inquisitive perspective, it was the discussion with the guide that proved the most interesting.

He described how they follow ten men called "gurus" who were perfect men who never sinned, but were not gods or God. He put a lot of emphasis on the fact that they were monotheistic, and that that is what they and Christians have in common. Anyway, the tenth guru said there would be no gurus after him except for the books that he and the others before him had written. And so they consider their books as real gurus who must be put to bed at night and tucked in.

Of everything that we talked about the most profound thing was that they are unsure of anything except death. Even when I asked him about the existence of God, he could only point to creation-he had no real sense or knowledge of his existence. The only thing to be sure of is that death happens, and a person's body no longer exists. You either do good works and die into nonexistence, or you do "bad things" and come back as a lesser creature. No mediator, you are the only one who can account for your wrong, forgiveness doesn't exist if your repentance isn't real, and in the end death is all you can look forward to.